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With people’s concern for their physical appearance, we see an increased interest in an effective body weight control. Of course, the number of miraculous slimming recipes and theories is growing. Although the goal is clear for all those who want to lose weight, it becomes increasingly difficult to do so because it is not easy to find the most effective way to burn fat for each of us.

With so many slimming recipes, it becomes difficult to know which is best for us. The fact is that we need the most effective ways to lose weight and not to waste time with ineffective theories. This is why it is good to know which theories are true and which are simply myths.

Sometimes it is easy to realize what theory remains just a theory, by making some research. By reading many studies’ results, we can understand exactly what can increase our chances of having a normal and healthy body weight. Also, it allows us to know what we need to avoid preventing us from gaining weight.

Don’t count calories to lose weight

There are many popular weight loss theories, but not all of them are effective. According To the body fat theory, we have a group of hormones that adjust body fat storage and balance the appetite. These hormones are essential for maintaining a healthy body weight and the most important of them are leptin, insulin, ghrelin, and glucagon.

Leptin is a hormone discovered in 1991, which is able to control the amount of body fat we store and the feeling of fullness when we eat. Ghrelin is the hormone that alerts us when we are hungry, while insulin is the main hormone of fat storage.

Glucagon helps us eliminate fat, as we use it for energy. If we experience leptin resistance, it will be difficult to lose weight, because it will make us store more fat and eat more. Also, people with leptin resistance will develop insulin resistance, as well, which will make everything worse and it is not at all good for our health.

If we follow the advice to reduce calories and we decrease 500 calories per day, the levels of leptin from your body will be reduced, which will lead to increasing eating and fat storage.

Another important aspect we need to remember is that certain foods may react in a specific way to these hormones. So, reducing the number of calories we intake daily may work, but it can happen to be just a waste of time. What can we do in this situation is to eat foods rich in nutrients, such as vegetables, quality protein, and fruits. Keep in mind to consume proteins that represent about 30% from your daily calories, because these will help you reduce the calories’ intake and increase leptin sensitivity.

Vegetables will help you lose weight because are rich in nutrients, but low in calories. As a conclusion, setting a number of calories to intake daily is not a solution for losing weight. There are many factors we must take into consideration, such as the level of leptin or how some hormones of your body may react to certain foods. Paying attention to the foods you are using it can be an important step to an ideal body weight.

It is true that is not easy to count calories, especially if this will not help us, but our desire to lose weight can be so strong that determines us to make sacrifices. It is important to find the ideal solution to achieve the results that we want so much.

The theory of fat cell

For about 3 decades, we discuss whether fat cell theory is a good one, effective in helping to lower body weight. Starting from the idea that fat cells are usually formed in early childhood or at puberty, if a child will consume a large number of calories from fat, it will determine the growth of new fat cells. As an adult, a person will keep the same number of fat cells and it leads to hypertrophic obesity (which appears when fat cells are expanded).

People with a large number of fat cells may notice how difficult it can be for them to maintain a healthy body weight. It can help if you eat healthily and exercise, but if the number of fat cells is too large, it is difficult to eliminate all of them. When an obese person has five times more fat cells as a skinny adult, it is useless to exercise, because we won’t be able to receive results that please you.

It doesn’t mean is nothing you can do to reduce your body weight and to decrease the number of fat cells. Combining diet with exercising can help you lose weight, but keep in mind that it requires a lot of work and effort. Moreover, you cannot expect from a losing weight theory to offer you the magic solution for eliminated unwanted pounds easily and effectively.

The good thing is that there has to exist a healthy weight loss recipe that brings you the desired success. Not all of us can be so fortunate to have a fast metabolism and face no problems with body weight, even if we are sedentary or we eat foods rich in calories. If we cannot be so lucky, we must give our best to have an enviable silhouette and be in a great shape.

The theory of metabolic set point

According to the theory of metabolic set point, our body has the predisposition to keep a certain body weight and the internal body processes will be regulated accordingly. When our body is below or above our set point, the metabolism will slow down or will boost in order to regain our weight. If we consider this theory, it is useless to try to lose weight, but this is not necessarily true.

Certain studies show that people who lose weight experience a decrease in their metabolic rate. So, people who were obese can maintain a normal body weight if they eat healthily and exercise which means that metabolic set point theory is not available for all of us. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the principles of the metabolic set point theory. As it has been shown, there are cases of successful people who have managed to lose the excess of weight, without facing weight problems ever again.

When someone goes below their body set point, their metabolism and appetite will try to return to that specific set point. So, the metabolism will slow down and it may appear different symptoms, such as an increase need to sleep. Once the body fat is reduced, a person who lost weight will experience a boost of their appetite, because the body needs more food to function properly.

If sometimes the theory of metabolic set point works in our favor sometimes, other times it complicates things. Hopefully, your body set point will work in your favor and will help you have a normal body weight, important not only for a pleasant appearance but also for a good overall health. As we all know, excessive body fat only causes health problems, such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

The theory of apple cider vinegar

We need theories to encourage us that losing weight healthily and successfully is achievable. Among the most attractive theories emphasize the benefits of apple cider vinegar to help us lose weight. Apples and apple cider vinegar contain a water-soluble fiber – pectin – which can absorb water and suppress the appetite if it is consumed before each meal. Your stomach will be filled and you will have the feeling of satiety, which will help you to reduce appetite and lose weight.

Along with the ability to suppress the appetite and induce the feeling of fullness, apple cider vinegar can reduce cravings for sweets and foods that contain salt and fat. This is not a simple weight loss theory, especially since the vinegar’s benefits of supporting weight loss have been suggested by the recent studies conducted by a team of Swedish scientists from Lund University.

According to their research, they discovered that using vinegar in a liquid form before eating help people who want to lose weight eat less. How much dieters eat is crucial for them, but what they eat is very important, as well.

Boosting metabolism is essential if you want to lose weight, but apple cider vinegar is known for its ability to increase the metabolism and help us burn more calories. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, which increases the absorption of iron.

If we absorb more iron, our body will use more oxygen, which increases the energy we consume and, of course, improves the weight loss. Not only that you will lose weight during the day, but also during the night, when you are sleep, because the metabolism will continue to work due to the growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland.

Because the vinegar improves the digestion of protein, has a positive influence on increasing the production of insulin. As we know, insulin is crucial for converting glucose into energy and keeping an active metabolism. Knowing all these benefits of using apple cider vinegar, we can see that maintaining a normal body weight can be easier and simpler. As studies suggest, the use of apple cider vinegar for weight loss is not a simple theory.

This common ingredients we all have in our kitchens plays a part in building amino acids, such as tryptophan because it improves the digestion of proteins. This way, it reduces stress and helps us reduce emotional eating, which is a risk factor for gaining too much weight. Also, it improves digestion and prevents the absorption of too much fat.

How to increases your chances of losing weight?

It seems impossible to lose weight, even though you try so hard every day to burn fat and increase your metabolism. There are different things are doing wrong, such as exercising less than it is necessary. Also, it is important the intensity of the exercise and for achieving the best results, we need to monitor our heart and to our exercise program. This way we will know if it is important to increase the duration and the intensity of our exercising.

Studies show that for losing weight is important to get enough sleep and to reduce stress. According to a study conducted at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, stress makes women gain more weight, especially middle-aged women. Dealing better with stress help us prevent weight gain and keep us in a good shape.

It is true that the amount of food we eat is very important, but it matters a lot and the times of the day when we eat.

Although we are tempted to skip meals, this does not help us to lose weight, but on the contrary. Not serving lunch will enhance cravings, which will increase the number of unhealthy snacks that we serve, because of which we gain weight. In order to reduce the number of calories, it is important to pay attention to the food we eat, and drinks, too. Some sodas are a rich source of calories, which will only cumber your weight loss.

Before deciding on a certain weight loss theory to follow, make sure you are adopting a healthy lifestyle. This means you include as many vegetables in your diet as possible and eat a lot of fruits and foods rich in fiber, which will improve digestion. Also, you need to consume many liquids, such as tea and water. A good idea is to prepare delicious and healthy smoothies, which are rich in nutrients, tasty and helpful for those who want to lose weight.

A healthy diet can only be combined with exercising if you really want to see results and to burn calories. Making these changes not only that will help you lose weight, but it will improve your overall health and prevent the appearance of different health problems.

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