What to Look for in Garcinia Cambogia

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There is a common debate on what to buy to lose weight and what not to buy. The markets are filled with all kinds of products in different shapes and sizes. Most of them have the same thing in common and that is the extract of Garcinia Cambogia. The fruit was and still is a major breakthrough in the area of weight loss,according to Dr.Oz. The fruit and its benefits have been intensely studied since 1960 and in 2012, the fruit was presented on TV in a very popular show. Its properties in weight loss have been demonstrated on millions who bought this product to the present day.

The product containing Garcinia Cambogia should be qualitative and natural. These two are the most searched qualities in a product if you want it to be efficient and to be safe. If you don’t care so much about quality and you will choose a more cheap product, don’t be surprised when time passes and you haven’t lost a kilogram.

Garcinia Cambogia can be found in nature, mostly in Asia, but also in Africa. The fruit looks like an orange sized pumpkin, and its color may differ because of its ripeness. When they are raw, they are usually yellow, then they turn into a greenish color and can be quite red when they are ripe. Some locals from Thailand consume the plant when they are 90% dried and have a black color. It is believed to cure some illnesses, from nerve pain to insomnia. In India it is used in the traditional cuisine, as an ingredient for their curries, giving the food a sour taste.

The fruit can be bought in the markets in India, but is nowhere to be found in Europe or America, so the only way someone can consume it is to find it in a weight loss supplement.

To find a product containing all that it needs for it to work, there are several factors at what you should look at. Firstly, the product should contain for real Garcinia Cambogia with its extract, HCA. Why? This is what you are looking for, the fruit that miraculously made thousands or more to lose weight by taking it. Look carefully at the product and at its name. Even if the name is Garcinia Cambogia or a part of the entire name, it doesn’t mean it actually contains the fruit extract. Look at the label and check the ingredients. HCA, the active ingredient should be listed first in the table of contents. If it doesn’t say anywhere that is contains HCA, don’t buy the product.

Secondly, the bottle should have a clear inscription with the concentration of HCA. Why? The recommended concentration of HCA by Dr. Oz should be minimum 50%. A lower concentration would not be as effective. A qualitative product should have a part on the front of it where it states what is the concentration of HCA. If it only says that it contains HCA and not the amount, check the label to see if it fits the requirements.

Among the ingredients, you should find Vitamin C. Why? Vitamin C is essential for the body and the lack of it can lead easily to weaken your immunity system and to catch a cold much faster. Not only that a cold is not desirable, but while keeping a weight loss diet, having a cold is not desirable from several points of view. One of them would be that antibiotics or other medicine prescribed by your doctor for the flu may interact badly with the supplement that you are taking, so, you have to interrupt the supplement for awhile. The other reason is that you have to each much more food while you are sick because your organism will require more energy and nutrients, completely destroying the diet. Besides Vitamin C, it should also contain chromium and potassium. The last ingredients make the extract more efficient.

The supplement should only contain natural ingredients. Why? You ingest one or two tablets per day(depending on the product) and your health depends on what ingredients they put in. The fewer the ingredients are, the better. Read the complete list of ingredients and look on the internet for the terms you don’t understand. If you feel like the manufacturer is trying to hide the ingredients and only listed the main 2 or 3 ingredients, then it is better not to buy the product.

Also, it should not contain preservatives, artificial fillers, and binders. Why? The products can be made without these ingredients. They can use natural binders for the weight loss product. The tables have a limited time on the shelf and there is no need for extra preservatives. Usually, these are added because the producers want more profit, by replacing natural ingredient, which is more expensive, with these artificial binders and fillers, that cost much less. Theoretically, some of them are approved by the governments, but that doesn’t mean you should not avoid them.

The required amount for an adult of Garcinia Cambogia per day should be around 500 to 1000 mg. Look for a product that offers that amount daily. Supplements that offer more or less should be avoided. Taking more pills or increasing the dose of HCA, does not help in any way the weight loss.

Before buying any product, compare the top sold products in the last year. Why? One of that product might be your first choice in the matter of weight loss supplements. If you don’t know what to buy, search for the top 3 most sold products in the last year and decide for one of them. Take into consideration the one with the highest rate and with the highest number of reviews from the users. A product can have 5 stars and be rated by 10 customers, which makes it unstable and unknown for the rest until more people will try it. The proportion between quality and price should be decent too. An expensive product can be more qualitative than a cheaper one, but it’s not a general rule.

If you haven’t decided yet between which product should you buy, seek to buy the one which company is more known and has more experience in the field. Why? A company that respects itself, it will have respect for its customers too. If they have success, they will remain on the market for more than a couple of years and they will improve their formula as time passes by. Search on the internet when the company was founded, how many employee does it have and if it was approved by the government.

Also, while searching this, you might as well look at the company’s HR department and its address. The way a company treats its employees it is a decisive matter and it influences a lot the way it treats its customers too. Companies that want to scam people will just show a refund address, with no information whatsoever about where the products are made and how. Beside the website that is dedicated to one weight loss supplement or more, they should have their own description, how you can contact them (preferably more options than mail) and terms and conditions.

Do not buy a weight loss supplement just because you saw an add on the internet or because you received a mail presenting the product. It is ok to check the add or the mail, but according to Dr. Oz’s study, 25% of the sales of products bought online dropped in the past years. That is because people opened their eyes and stopped buying bogged products. The chances to buy a scam from the internet is quite high, and if you buy a product from a local store, the chances drop 3 times. That is why is recommended to buy products from nearby herbal stores, not from the internet.

While browsing in the store for something you might need(in this case, a weight loss supplement), ask the sales assistant which one is the best according to what has been sold and what complaints they received. They have plenty kinds of supplements there, so in one way or another, they will still win, and it is in their interest to sell you something, so the chance is quite high for you to buy the best product. If you are still not decided, search the products you saw in the store online and see if you can buy it from the internet.

A product that is available in both ways, has more chance of being qualitative. If the product is in both ways buyable, then pick the nearby store, unless it has its own website. Anyone can sell anything on the internet and you can’t be 100% percent sure of what you will receive, so buying from ghost sites is not recommended at all. If the product has its own website and you also say it in a different store, choose to buy online, because there is a chance that the product stayed longer on the shelf of that store than in some deposit.

Choose the product that can be returned no matter what and which grants you a full refund. Why? All companies are looking for the loyalty of their clients if they offer services of this kind. They are a serious company that offers qualitative products and are not afraid of losing some profit because customers will refund the product. Refunding the product will have some more terms and conditions applied to it at some companies, but the most sought one is the one that will give you the money back no matter what the bottle/package looks like, how many pills have you tried. The only condition that you can accept is the one which refers to the time in which the product can be returned(you have to think about the shipping time too).

Some companies offer 30 days trial, some less. The higher the time is, the longer the period for you to test their product. The purpose of returning a product if dissatisfaction, not trying products for free. If you do like the product, order it again, do not test 20 pills from producers and the rest from another. It won’t bring the body any benefit and in some cases, it may even harm it. The only disadvantage in buying a product online and then choosing to return it is that you have to pay for the shipping in both cases. Sometimes shipping costs more than the actual product. All manufacturers state very clearly that shipping will be supported by you in the case of a refund. Also, some companies offer free standard shipping if you order over the amount predetermined by them.

Search the shipping terms before buying the product. Look up for the company that ships the item. Some companies don’t value what is inside the packages they carry and they just treat them like empty boxes and keeping them in direct sunlight, leaving liquids near them(they can be totally destroyed). If the company doesn’t seem to fit your needs or if you think shipping is absurd, because it is expensive, you can contact them and ask if you choose your own method of transportation. Most of the companies don’t agree with that because there has to be someone that waits for the courier and do a lot of paperwork, but you can try.

The most important criteria on which you can base your choice is to actually to see the product working, on more than 1 person. If any relative or friend tried already a weight loss supplement and it worked on them as it says on the label, then it is a good chance that it will work for you too. Although there is a lower chance that it doesn’t work, because your organism and the person in cause work in a different way, it is still worth trying. It is better to trust someone that is reliable who already took the tablets for awhile then any commercial.

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