History of Garcinia Cambogia

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The fruit that is present is many weight loss diets and pills has a big history behind of it. The fruit had and still has multiple properties and it is not only consumed for losing weight. Garcinia Cambogia with its ingredient extract received good feedback and popularity after it was presented on a famous show on TV in America. For an accurate review on this product, we will present all that was discovered about it until the present day.

The first thing that you discover when you look at a fruit is the appearance and its smell.

How Garcinia Cambogia looks like?

Its color may differ due to its stages of ripening and it can go from yellow to green and then red. It is the size of an orange and may have up to 8 deep lobes. Because smells can really be expressed in words, the closest smell we can come up to is the smell of a citrus fruit. Johannes Cornelius Theodorus Uphof worked as a biologist almost all his life and he studied Garcinia Cambogia. First notes about the plant were written by him in 1968. He performed his studies at the University of Arizona. When the fruit is left in the sun for several days and it dries, it will reduce its size and will become black.

After you see the fruit and you can smell it, you can almost guess the taste, if it is sour, if it is sweet, its texture and many other characteristics. After the seeing and the smelling sense do their trick, the moment for testing comes in.

How Garcinia Cambogia tastes like? Because it is very alike to a citrus fruit, the taste is almost the same as any grapefruit or orange, sour and acidic. Due to its ripening, an orange can be sweet or not, but Garcinia Cambogia is a very sour when it’s raw and may be just a little sweet when it is ripe. Mostly, the fruits are used when they are already ripe because most can’t eat them when they are raw. Like any other citrus, it has a high content of Vitamin C, it is low in fats and hydrates the body through the high content of water.

How Garcinia Cambogia is called? Garcinia Cambogia comes with many names, including Garcinia gummi-gutta (which is the main name for it, although producers don’t use it), brindleberry (name by the Veterinary Journal in a study about insulin and its effects on animals), Malabar tamarind(a common name for the fruit in India) and kudam puli (which is the Malaysian word for tamarind). The fruit has many names(that were given to it throughout the history) and different cultures see it differently.

Where Garcinia Cambogia grows?

It is native from Indonesia, but because it is a tropical fruit, it can be found in the Southeast Asia, on the coast of Kerala, India(widely used there in their curry recipes) and in the west and central Africa. It needs a warm climate, with lots of rain, like a forest with a lot of humidity, It grows in tall trees. It belongs to the Garcinia Genus family with other 500 species with similar benefits. The thriving season for Garcinia Cambogia is from June to August when it rains more than rest of the year. The trees can be found at amazing heights, even at 6000 feet height.

Where can Garcinia Cambogia be used? It can be used in two alike ways, both involving eating the fruit. But not with the same effects. The first use is to be added in traditional foods in the Orient. In India, it is believed that has digestive properties due to its sour taste. The extract of Garcinia Cambogia is used as curry ingredient(and sour curries that are found in Thailand). Also, its root is used in traditional medicine, as a treatment for nerve pain or insomnia.

The second use comes with the excitement of the manufacturers to obtain more and more profit. The extract of the fruit dominates the world of weight loss supplements. It is widely believed that can do miracles for those who wants to lose weight without much effort(without keeping diets or exercising). The HCA, the active ingredient from it, does the miracle for the supplements it is in.

A bit of history

The path in history began in 1835 with Sir William Jackson Hooker, who traveled to Sri Lanka especially to study this fruit. Locals from that time used to smoke the fruit completely before eaten or used in other ways. To get the fruit smoked, there are several steps that must be completed. Sir William said that the locals: “prepare it by taking out the pulp and seeds, breaking it into pieces, and putting it into a heap, which is covered for two to three days, till it becomes soft. It is then smoked by burning cocoa-nut shells below the grating on which it’s spread. This operation is continued for many days, when it is tied up tight in a bag, and kept for use by being hung, I cannot say in the chimney, for chimneys that have none, but where it is under the influence of smoke from their fires when cooking.”

In the “Useful plants of India” Journal, one of the authors, William H Allen specifies that the acid rinds of the ripe fruit were eaten. The entry in the journal is over 140 years old.

Throughout the history, it was used as the locals knew best, until its appearance on the market worldwide and presented as an aid in weight loss.

Present use

Nowadays, the fruit cannot be found easily in Europe or America and it can be brought to buyers only from import. In India, if you got a bit of luck, you can find it in markets. The raw fruit is the hardest to find. Most of the time, you will find it black and dried, because that is the state in which it can be kept for a longer period.

In 2012, the fruit was presented on TV on a popular show, Dr. Oz. The American personality invited Dr. Julie Cheng, a scientist, and they both explained the benefits of Garcinia Cambogia. The entire show was dedicated to this fruit and its extract and the conclusion came from Dr.Oz himself: “The newest, fastest fat buster and one of the least expensive too, is Garcinia Cambogia Extract”. Being a huge start in the US, made consumers to excessively buy supplements that contained Garcinia Cambogia.

Some of the producers used the name of Dr. Oz to promote their product illegally. On the star’s website is a video when the doctor exposes the frauds. He went after Tarr Inc company who not only stole his name and image for the sole purpose of publicity but also because he had the product tested and discovered that was a fake. The producers claimed it had 60% HCA(which in normal terms, would be described as a qualitative product with the right amount of active ingredient from Garcinia Cambogia), but in fact, the product only contained around 8% HCA.

Dr. Oz made another show where he demasked the producers of that supplement, but despite his efforts, they kept selling it. Tarr Inc was a company that was conducting the marketing for the product, but they weren’t the manufacturers. After the doctor did some research, he found out that Private Label Nutraceuticals was producing the fake product. Also, in a video posted on the internet, there were the owners of the company saying that is so easy to get rich by selling products that Dr. Oz presented on TV. Infuriated by their response, Dr. Oz prepared his team with hidden cameras and microphone and sent them to a convention to find the stand where Private Label Nutraceuticals was selling and promoting their business.

There, they met the vice-president of the company who was bragging about how rich and successful they are. After one member of the crew talked to the VP, he sent them through mail 3 bottles of different products made by the same company, but out of the production line. The product was Forskolin Trim, Garcinia Cambogia 1300 and Green Coffee Bean Extract. Dr. Oz tested the theory of buying products online and bought the same products from above from the manufacturer’s website.

In the next show, the scientist that conducted experiments on both, the products from the assembly line and the products they bought from online, showed the results on air on TV. The product brought from the assembly line all failed the test, meaning they contained other values than the ones from the label. From the product bought online, Forskolin passed the test, Garcinia Cambogia 1300 contained only 13% on the active ingredient, instead of what it was written on the label and Green Coffee Bean Extract didn’t even have the amount written on the label, so they assumed a minimum of value of the active ingredient a supplement should have and when they tested, it only showed 12% of that minimum.

After the test were done, Dr.Oz’s team contacted the Private Label Nutraceuticals and their response came like this: “Private Label Nutraceuticals continues to make every effort to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and that the finished products that we supply to our clients are individually tested, verified and meet label claims” and threatened them to sue them if they showed this publically.

Further theories were tested. The scientist said that if you buy a product from a local store(an herbal product) there are 13% chances that the product has something wrong and if the product is exclusively sold only the chances are 3 times higher. Every year, they take a survey of people who consume weight loss supplement and only in the last year, there is a 25% decrease in sales, meaning fewer people that decided to buy such supplements.

Tips for buying products that contain Garcinia Cambogia

Buy only from well-known producers that don’t invest all their capital in advertising, but in the quality of the product; the more a product is advertised, the more are the chances that the product is a fake

Don’t buy products that have their advertisement online and in annoying pop-ups or spam emails; good producers won’t spam its clients with such things

Make a research online about the top products having in your sights the price, the balance between the price and the quality, consumers reviews and how much experience the producer has in this area

For a better quality of the product, check for the logo of the country’s lab that checks products on the market; the logo differs from country to country

The products that you buy from stores are safer than those bought online; but can be convenient if you already saw a product in a nearby store and then online, it means the product had success on both markets and it is more trustable

Read the label carefully and look for the ones with the fewer fillers and binders; also check for the ones with the highest amount of HCA, the active ingredient from Garcinia Cambogia

The HCA percent should be on the face of the product, meaning that actually it contains extract from Garcinia Cambogia and it is not just a name and with different contents

Buy small quantities of the product and try them for a while; usually, producers offer discounts if you buy larger quantities, but don’t get fooled by that

Do not trust websites that have Dr. Oz as an image for their product, or even a video; those images are used without his consent, as he already stated many times in his TV shows, he does not have any contract with any product on the market

Only buy from companies that guarantee you that you will receive your money back if you don’t like the product or if something is wrong with it’ carefully read the terms and agreements from their website/product

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