Garcinia Weight Loss Dosage

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Starting a cure with a supplement containing Garcinia Cambogia is easy, but keeping the right dosage and the healthy lifestyle that sometimes is highly required, might be hard. Garcinia Cambogia has its benefits and with a little help from you, it can increase the weight loss and can shorten the time for the diet. The way you choose to lead a diet is up to you completely. Garcinia Cambogia acts through its active ingredient, HCA, which burns all the for that you ingest and stops the organism from deposing other for cells on the tissues. It works in two separate ways, which we will detail a few lines below. Firstly, there are two types of people that take Garcinia Cambogia supplements.

Eating normally while consuming Garcinia Cambogia

Any supplement that has a concentration of HCA higher than 50% and which does not contain any artificial ingredients, should benefit every single person that takes it. For the people that are busy or just lazy to change their diets, the supplement will take care of their body, by stopping fat into depositing and burning the excess of fat. Considering that the majority of people don’t know how to eat properly and most of them(teenagers and young adults) prefer to eat foods that are full of fats, aka carbs and sweets, the only solution of them is finding a supplement. Once they found a supplement that takes effect on their body, they just have to keep the daily schedule of taking the pills. No, any extra effort is required from them.

As stated above, Garcinia works in two ways. The first thing that it does, is to get into your stomach and wait for you to eat. When the food arrives into your stomach, the fat cells are preparing for depositing in the tissues, but with the help of its active ingredient, HCA, Garcinia blocks them and transforms them into energy that can be consumed during a workout. By doing that, it stops you from getting more weight. At the same time, during the day, it burns the existing fat in your organism. There are 0 restrictions on the food that a person should be eating, meaning that person doesn’t have to stay away from any cravings.

As a plus, HCA, secrets serotonin, the happiness hormone. 90% of serotonin is secreted in the guts, while the rest is secreted in the brain and in the nervous system. Serotonin increases the mood of a person, making them happier and with less desire to eat. It stops cravings and so, stops the extra calories entering the body. Eating less and stopping emotional eating are just steps in losing weight.

Tips and tricks for making the process more effective:

Even though the supplement will make you eat less at some point, it is a general rule in weight loss diets that you should eat more often, but smaller portions, so instead of 2 or 3 meals per day, divide the food that you were eating 5 or 6 meals. You don’t have to change anything, but just the amount eaten at once

Drink more water than regularly. If your body is not hydrated enough, it is hard for it to lose weight. Hydrating it will eliminate the toxins from unhealthy foods and also the surplus of water that sometimes the body retains

Take the stairs, not the elevator. It’s not like you are doing an actual workout, but in time it will help, your body will get used to it and it will become a pleasant habit. Besides, it will increase the muscles from your legs and back side.

While standing and working at a desk, get up and fill your glass of water instead of bringing the whole bottle next to you. So, each time your glass of water(or another drink) is full, go and get another one from the kitchen

Put the TV remote away from you each time you watch TV. Away means that you have to get up and take it yourself each time you want to change the channel

It is a myth that the last meal that you should eat should be around 6 or 7 PM. The last meal should be eaten 3 or 4 hours before going to sleep, so if you are are a late sleeper, the last meal can even be at 10 PM

Breakfast is important because it gives the body time to burn all the calories eaten and helps the metabolism burn more calories throughout the day. Skipping it doesn’t help weight loss at all

The right dosage of Garcinia Cambogia for a person that doesn’t keep a diet or exercises, can be higher than a person that does those things. The recommended dosage of HCA is about 500 to 1000 mg per day, according to Dr.Oz. All over the internet, it is said that the dose can be a lot bigger than that, but exceeding with the dose doesn’t add any more benefits and it won’t increase the weight loss process. For this kind of people, the 1000 mg dose per day should suffice their needs.

An example of a supplement that contains 1000 mg of the extract is Garcinia Pure, produced by Evolution Slimming. It contains more than the minimum of HCA, 60%, and the manufacturer claims that it is made only from natural ingredients. Besides the amount of the active ingredient, it also contains 25 mg of Calcium, 100 mcg of Chromium and 25 mg of Potassium.

These ingredients mixed with the HCA speed up the weight loss process. It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, meaning it does not contain any protein(for example lactose). The capsules should be taken 30 minutes before each meal, so they can inhibit the fat cells from the food. The producer recommends taking them with a glass of water, 1 before breakfast and 1 before lunch.

Having a healthy lifestyle while consuming Garcinia Cambogia

The process can be quicker for those who choose the right supplement and also eat right and exercise. Any supplement that was proven to be effective will do its job even if the person eats normal, without any restrictions. Eating healthy will make the supplement to burn the existing fat, since no extra fat enters the organism any longer, Although, it burns the existing fat, Garcinia Cambogia no longer can transform the fat cells into energy for workouts, which may be considered as a minus, but in fact, it is not, because there are no fat cells in the body anymore.

Keeping a weight loss diet can be hard and makes many people give up in a short time. The serotonin helps a lot in this situation, making those who consume Garcinia Cambogia happy persons and with no cravings at all. Weight loss diets can be classified in how it works for the body. There are weight loss diets that just contain fewer calories than regular, others are made only from proteins(not healthy at all) and some adopt a Mediterranean style(less fat, lots of fish). Keeping the diet correctly will make the body lose about 1 kilogram per week if it is a slowly and healthy diet. It doesn’t seem much, but the results won’t be lost after interrupting the diet.

Exercising will always be a solution for those who want to lose weight. Even tho most of the producers who include the extract of Garcinia Cambogia in their supplements state that exercising won’t help the process of losing weight while taking the supplement, it is not true. Workouts help anyone by removing the excess of fat from the body or replacing the body fat with muscles, regaining the skin’s firming and for ladies, removing the cellulite. By only keeping a diet and exercising constantly, the body is able to lose more than 1 kilogram per week. Adding the supplements will make the burning process faster than ever.

Tips and tricks for fastening the process:

If you choose a diet that is low in calories, then you can replace some of the foods with something more pleasant to eat. For instance, eating a green salad with tomatoes, parsley, a bit of oil and no cheese at all is acceptable for one time, but it gets boring after a couple of tries, so you can replace it with some mozzarella(maximum 100 g) and a couple of tomato slices. It’s not the same quantity, but mozzarella has relatively low calories and it’s not salty.

Anything that you have to include in your diet should be homemade and should contain 0 processed food. Everything from soups, drinks to cooked meals have to be natural and with fresh ingredients. Drinks can be prepared inside as smoothies(milk with fruits) or just squeezed fruits. They can be drunk as a snack and not as a side drink to a meal. Drinking water during meals is more recommended in low calories diets.

Alcohol and smoking should be stopped immediately. They never have a good effect on the body, especially when you are keeping a diet. Alcohol is prohibited from any weight loss diet because it has many calories and inside the stomach, it transforms into carbs and deposits as fat into the tissues. Alcohol has the effect as eating a whole bread or the same calories as a whole chocolate.

Exercising daily can be exhausting, but keeping a regular schedule during the week is better for the muscles. Two or three times per week is enough to fasten the process of losing weight. Exercising can be anything, not just going to the gym or running in a park. Gardening, washing your car, painting walls or doing chores or playing with the kids for ladies.

Having a diet that forces you to eat only proteins is not healthy and can bring the body some diseases, like cancer. Although, such diets can be kept for shortening period, like one or two weeks, without negative effects. Unlike the other diet, this one will make the body burn the calories faster, due to the time and effort the stomach puts in digesting proteins. So, in one week is is expected to lose up to 3 kilograms.

Because you are exercising, the amount of water that has to enter your organism should be directly proportional to the amount of effort you are putting. It’s not a myth the fact that drinking water during workouts makes the muscles easier to work and reduces the soreness after you finish.

When you are hungry, eat some dried nuts(caju, walnuts), but preferably not roasted. A couple of them should take the hunger away. If you don’t like nuts, then you can opt for a yogurt or a glass of milk.

Chocolate has to be avoided, like any other sweet, but a little piece of dark chocolate eaten in the morning can reduce the aging process and help the metabolism.

The right dosage for a person that keeps a diet and is active can be the same as a person that doesn’t, but is not entirely necessary. If the person described above needs 1000 mg of garcinia Cambogia extract every day, then an active person might need minimum 500 mg. It is up to them how fast they want to lose weight. There are several products with more and less than 1000 mg, the important thing is to find the one the matches your criteria.

An example of a product that contains 500 mg of HCA extract is Garcinia Cambogia GOLD, produced by Nutrigold. Unlike the other product, the daily dosage consists of one tablet that contains that 500 mg of HCA. The capsules are vegetarian and it has the same percentage of active ingredient as the previous product, around 60%. The capsule should be taken 30 min to 2 hours before lunch, every day, preferably at the same hour every day. The producers warn us that the supplement may contain 3% rice concentrate, but it doesn’t contain any eggs, milk or any kind of proteins.

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